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Two Year BCR programme

Most community colleges/universities list two year community service diplomas related to disability, therapy assistants, aging, mental health, youth & child care, classroom support, therapeutic recreation, psychiatric nursing, deaf/blind/addictive counselling, etc. These programs provide an excellent foundation for advanced education in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies.

Many of these programs have negotiated block transfer to the BCR at the U of C.

BCR Block transfer agreements

All diploma listed are a full transfer into the program, please note that once you are admitted into the BCR program and are studying in Calgary and you have a non-disability diploma you must take CORE 323. Please refer to the link above to view if your diploma requires CORE 323.

If your college/university is on this list, go directly to Undergraduate BCR application information

If your college/university is not on this list, contact us about how to apply

Year 3 and 4 are intended to build on college programs and the first two years of the BCR. The program combines: professional courses in Community Rehabilitation, Disability studies, Health, Management and Senior Social Sciences. Click the underlined sections for more details on specific courses. You can tailor your options in preparation for your eventual career plans.

For further details, check Application Info

The following is a sample of courses in the years three and four.

Year 1
Fall: Winter:
CORE 323** CORE 581 (offered online in the fall)
CORE 425 CORE 470's**
CORE 583 (offered online in the spring) ACWR 303 (mandatory for all students)
CORE 475**  
1-2 option courses (1 if you take 475, OR 323) 2 option courses
Year 2
Fall: Winter:
CORE 551 (in Calgary) CORE 551 (distance students)
CORE 594 CORE 595
3 option courses 3 option courses

**If you have a disability studies diploma, OR a distance student then you choose one of 569 or 573 to replace CORE 323.
**You must choose ONE of the 470’s for the CORE required.
**We offer our CORE required online (for distance students) and on campus (for Calgary students)

You have 12 option courses in year 3 and 4 and these are organized according to: Senior CRDS, Senior Social Science, Health, and Management/Bioethics. For more information, check the BCR Student Planner. Use these carefully to plan your future, look into requirements for graduate school, consider your interests.