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Four Year BCR

Years 1 and 2 enable you to complete required courses and to tailor your open options in preparation for your eventual career plans. Students coming from high school, degree holders, diploma holders, mature students and change of program students, may apply into year one. Coming from high school, you must have a minimum GPA of 75%, English 30 and Biology 30. (See U of C Calendar for admission requirements)

Post-secondary or change of program students must have a GPA of 2.5. As well previous course work can be reviewed for transfer credit.

The following is an example of the schedule in the first two years:

Year 1 Fall CORE 205 CORE 209 PSYCH 200 (suggested) plus 2 options
  Winter CORE 207 BIOL 205 PSYCH 201 (suggested) plus 2 options
Year2 Fall CORE 485     plus 4 options
  Winter CORE 487 CORE 321   plus 3 options

You have 11 option courses in years one and two (see suggested option courses here) and 12 options in years three and four (See BCR Student Planner). Use these carefully to plan your future, meet requirements for graduate school, follow your interests. Click the underlined sections to explore Options and potential educational pathways and careers to assist in making decisions. In your first year, take the prerequisite courses for senior courses you may be interested in. For example you must have Psych 205 to take any advanced psychology courses.

Four year students join the two year BCR students for years three and four.

For further details, check Application Info